Piles ‘o Projects

Oh my, my…how is that projects can pile up so?

I glanced around my living room the other day and realized I have “need to finish” projects scattered all around!

I’m such a mess…..

Here’s what’s going on in the living room:

1) Make curtains

2) Have a huge bolster made out of gorgeous super-cheap clearance fabric from Jo-Anns

3) Put away or consign outgrown baby gear

4) Organize T’s closet so these birthday gifts can be put away

5) Finish collecting all the letters of the alphabet for T’s ABC wall

And this is on the bar:

1 ) School supplies and books that need to be organize and put away in my newly finished hall closet

2) Finish painting the frame so I can hang the chalkboard in Miss M’s room

3) Lamp supplies for the Goodwill lamps I talked about before {they are almost finished! I can’t wait to show them to you!}

4) See number 1

5) I’ve got some projects up my sleeve that involve these lamp shades

6) Figure out if I want to frame botanical pictures from this book and then do it!

7) Mail that to Sarah already! {It’s not a handwritten letter, but I still think she’d like it.}

{Trust me…you do not want to even see what is behind the bar! Since we don’t drink, the bar is a kind of storage area. Yikes! Nolan recently finished re-doing one of our hall closets so I plan to clear out the bar. But…I haven’t gotten around to doing it yet. I can’t wait to Craigslist this big ol’ bar and open up that room even more! Oh, and paint that burgundy wall! Wait – how did I get started on all of that?}

Right, so! As you can see I’ve got lots of little projects that just need to get wrapped up. Maybe I’ll add that to my 30 Before 30 list? “Finish up all small projects that I’m currently ‘storing’ in my living area.” How does that sound?

Anyone else got a whole bunch of little projects they just need to finish up already?

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  1. Mary Alice says:

    Thanks for sharing. It makes me feel alot better about some of the things in my house that need to be finished. Maybe I will get motivated to get going on these things. Enjoyed our visit the other day. It was great to see you and M. Love ya girl.

  2. Sarah says:

    Uhhhhhh… where to begin?! I’ve got a pile of projects laying right in front of me! You’ll see them eventually, as I can’t not blog about every project that I do! LOL

    Speaking of which… can’t wait to see what’s in that envelope and to see what you’re doing with your curtains in the living room! :)


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