The Painted Signs Get Glittered Up!

I’m knee-deep in Christmas decorations, and I just haven’t managed to get it all tied up with a bow yet! Maybe because this year I wanted to change things up a little? Maybe because last year I was too sick {we had caught a nasty bug that left me in bed for at least a week with a few more weeks recuperating} to care much, but this year I wanted to do it up right? Maybe because now I’m blogging and if I’m going to post it on the www than I want it to be good? I don’t know, I just know I’m enjoying the decorating process even if it is taking me longer than I thought it would!

But I have managed to complete a few projects that I’m excited to share with you!

I was completely inspired by the painted signs {and this one too} that Sarah made for the craft fair! She even made me one for my birthday that says “Delight in Today” – sweet, right? So, I decided to make one to go along with my Christmas decor. And then I decided to give it a Jenna-spin.

You see, I love glitter. I love sparkle. I love shine. When something sparkles prettily my heart does a little happy dance. I do not however love gaudy. Or tacky. Or over-the-top, hello-look-at-me, crazy kind of bling. Nay, I go for a sophisticated sparkle.

But that is  neither here nor there.

What is both here and there is the sign that I painted! See it tucked in there?

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For a full-blown tutorial, pop over to Sarah’s post.

For a Jenna-spin, mini- how to, stick around for a minute or two.

Following Sarah’s directions, I painted on a coat of white paint, followed by a coat of red. I thought since it was “Tuscan Red” that it might be on the deep-ish red side, but it was too cherry. So I toned it down by squirting some brown paint next to my red paint on my paint palette {aka paper plate} and not mixing it too, too much, painted it on the top. After it dried, I followed up with a little bit of sanding. And used the paper and pencil method to transfer my text {“Adore Him” in the Bickham Script Fancy font} to the board.

Then began the great debate – to paint the letters white or to glam it up with glitter?

I honestly had to sleep on that issue!

Finally, however, the glitz won out! Though I knew I wanted a slightly worn, rustic look {Jesus was born in a stable and His first cradle was a manger}, I also wanted to acknowledge that Jesus our King was born on Christmas!

I used my glue pen to go over the pencil strokes. If you have never invested in a glue pen – you need to! It ranks right up there with Fabri-tac in my book!

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I didn’t do the text all in one shot because I didn’t want my glue to dry on me before I got the glitter on.

{This is where I knew I’d made the right choice with the glitter! Eek! Love!}

And here’s the glorious glitter I used. Love it! Martha makes beautiful glitter colors.

glitter, gold glitter, martha stewart glitter

And here it is all finished!

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I’m beyond happy! Even Nolan, who generally gives a nice manly grunt along with “yeah, it’s nice” when I ask him how he likes one of my projects, commented on how good it looked without me even having to solicit his opinion. Nice!

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I just love how it provides the perfect juxtaposition of glam to the humble nativity scene. Because even though Christ’s birth was humble in where it took place, it was positively glorious in reality! Don’t you agree?

Come – let us – ADORE HIM!

Check back later today for my next Merry Christmas Gift Guide!

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  1. Sarah says:

    I love it! It looks great! :)

  2. Abbi says:

    Thanks for the instructions!


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