Best Ever Brownie Trifle

Best Ever Brownie Trifle. Super easy, crowding pleasing chocolate, heath, dessert recipe.

Is your mouth watering yet? Mine is!

When we had my in-laws over to celebrate Christmas {yeah, I realize that was awhile ago}, I included this on our menu of desserts.

This is one of the no-fail, always a winner, delicious, died and gone to heaven, desserts in my arsenal, and I whipped it up to serve them. We just call it “Brownie Trifle” in these here parts, but I couldn’t call it “Brownie Trifle” on the blog because that’s way too boring. So we’re going with “Best Ever Brownie Trifle.” ;)

I have no idea where this recipe came from originally. I mean, my aunt gave it to my mom, and mom gave it to me, but before that? Your guess is as good as mine! But it’s oh-so-good!

Enough with the jibber jabber!

Here’s what you need to make it {plus the ingredients to make the mousse and the brownies}. And, you actually need more than one Heath Bar. It’s just that I had already made the trifle when I took this picture, and I was kind enough to dig this lone wrapper out of the trash for you. So just pretend there are more there. ;)

Best Ever Brownie Trifle

{1) 19.5 oz box of brownie mix {and all ingredients to make the brownies according to the box instructions}
{1} 3.5 oz box instant chocolate mousse mix* ** *** {and amount of milk necessary to make the mousse according to the box instructions}
{8} Heath Bars, crushed
12 oz Cool Whip

Bake the brownies according to the package directions. Cool and divide.
Crumble half of the brownies into the bottom of a trifle bowl.
Mix mousse – do not chill.
Layer half of the mousse over the brownies.
Layer on half of the crushed Heath Bars.
Next up, top with half of the Cool Whip.
Repeat layers.
Chill at least 8 hours.

Dive in and enjoy!! {That’s the important part!}

* I actually used two boxes 3.5oz mousse mix this time around. Just for the record and all.
** If you can only find the small boxes of mousse mix, you can use two boxes. I had to do that for a long time.
*** If you can’t find chocolate mousse mix, use chocolate instant pudding mix. Mix pudding mix with 1 1/2 cups milk and some Cool Whip until it’s moussey. You’ll have to judge the Cool Whip for yourself. If you use this method, this Cool Whip will be an addition to what you use to layer the trifle.

Mmmmm, mmm, mmm… Delicious!

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  1. debi says:

    yep…that’s my go to brownie trifle recipe too….wherever I take it, it is devoured within seconds :)

  2. Kelly says:

    Love love love this recipe! My mom introduced it to me as “Chocolate Wonderful”, and yes it is wonderful. My mom was never much of a cook so her version uses Kozy Shack brand already made chocolate pudding in the refrigerator section at the store, and brownie bites from the bakery. Many grocery stores also carry Heath Chips where the chocolate chips are shelved. Throw in the cool whip and you are set for layering! Thanks for reminding me of that yumminess!

  3. Oh my goodness! That looks absolutely delicious! And it doesn’t look super hard to make, either! I think I need to go out and invest in one of those trifle bowls. I see so many great desserts you can make in them. Do you just scoop it into a bowl to serve? (sad… not only don’t I know how to make a trifle, I don’t know how to servie it, either!).

    • Jenna says:

      If you don’t have a trifle dish, you can just layer it in any glass bow {or any bowl really!}. That’s what I did for a long time. And, yep, just scoop it out with a spoon!

  4. I just tweeted this page. It’s just too delicious-looking not to share!

  5. Ashley says:

    umm yummy! Gonna have to make those soon, thanks for the recipe!

  6. OM Goodness! This looks delicious. I now know what I will be making for a party that I have coming up! I’d love it if you shared this at a party I have going on at

    I’m our newest follower.


  7. Featuring your Brownie Trifle tonight at Project Queen! Thanks so much for linking this up! I’m so excited to make it next weekend at an event we are attending.


  8. Rebecca Cooke says:

    I have been making this to the great enjoyment of family and friends for years. I got the recipe from a Food Network Christmas special–I believe “Good Eats”

  9. Jenny says:

    I found this recipe on Pinterest (Thanks) :). My husband and I made it for a work Christmas party and when I say it was gone in less than 15 minutes, I mean it. We doubled the recipe too! It was just divine. We had people standing at the bowl when it was on the counter by the sink ready to be washed, scooping out the last bits, ha ha ha.


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