Booking It: One Bite at a Time

So I mentioned in my 12 in ’12 post that I was joining up with the Booking It online book club {each month I’ll read a book and share my thoughts on it}.

And… I told you that I wanted to work my way through Tsh Oxenreider’s book One Bite at a Time: 52 Projects for Making Life Simpler.

What I didn’t tell you is that that book was the first book on the Booking It list. {Yeah, I’m sneaky like that.} So really the only reason I picked it up and read it was because it was on the list.


I’m so, so, so glad I read it! Really!

It is written to Mom’s, but…hear me out… there are so many practical projects in this book, that I truly believe anyone could benefit from parts of it. So if you’re not a mom yet, you can’t plan to date your kids, but you can learn how to effectively streamline your email. See what I’m saying? Something for everyone.

Everyone should read it. And for $5? There’s really no excuse. Because, come on, $5 for a little organization and simplification in your life – that’s a bargain!

So, yes, you should read it. And, no, I haven’t been hired to say all this. :)

I mentioned a few of the topics the book covers the other day {a few more: create a family purpose statement, streamline your receipt system, switch to non-toxic cleaners, create an essential papers file, streamline your kids’ art collection}, but I thought I’d expound a little more on why I think this book can be life-changing.

Tsh does an excellent job of giving you projects to work on {hello, create a daily to-do list}, but she shares simple ideas on how to really make it work. I mean, we’ve all tried to-do lists before, right? But sometimes my list gets so long that I fail before I even begin {somehow “remodel the kitchen” sneaks on there, and we know that won’t happen in a day}. She explains how she’s simplified the to-do list idea and how she’s made her to-do list work for her. I love that she limits herself to 10 things for each day’s list. And then {I love this part} of those 10 {only 10 – no more!} she picks her 3 most important tasks and works on those first. It’s a successful day {even} if she only accomplishes her 3 most important tasks. See? Doesn’t that sound do-able?! The pressure is off!

Each project is like that. She presents the project, explains how she’s made it work for her, and offers great tips on making it work for you, and many times offers other places online to find more info. And everything just seems so do-able! Love it!

I find her style very non-condemning and not at all “you must do it this way or you are a failure.” Because, let’s face it, we face our own failures often enough. She’s real and fresh and sweet while encouraging you to simply your life.

I seriously read this book in 2 days! {2!} Because even though it’s a “project” book, she’s such a good author that it almost flows like a story.

And honestly, I’m excited to jump into these projects. I finished the book feeling “I can do this! I can succeed in this!” Instead of feeling overwhelmed and defeated before I even started my first project.

So, you get the point, I loved the book. You will too.

And I hope to blog about the projects as I work through them, so stay tuned. :) {So far I’ve tackled working on a monthly budget and drinking more water.}

Go here to plunk down your 5 bucks and be encouraged to take baby steps to simplifying your life. You’ll thank me for it!

{Oh, you should know, this is an ebook. But in case you think you can’t read it because you don’t have a Kindle, Amazon has a free downloadable ebook reader for your computer or phone. So there’s no excuse!}

{Yep, that’s an Amazon link up there, and if you click and buy, I’ll make a few cents off your purchase.}

{Linked to Life as Mom – Booking It 2012}

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  1. Just popping over from Booking It and thought I’d say hello. :-) I have no kids, but I have found this book to be extremely helpful as I attempt to be a better steward of my time, resouces, and yes, even stuff. You’re right, there IS something for everyone.

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