Welcoming a Guest Today: Jane Myers Perrine

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Well, today! I’m so pleased to share with you a guest post by a real-live author! Exciting, no?

Jane Myers Perrine wrote a delightful book called The Welcome Committee of Butternut Creek {amongst many others} and she agreed to write a guest post just for you, my wonderful Delighting in Today readers! Isn’t that fab?!

And on top of that – today is the very first day that The Welcome Committee of Butternut Creek is available! How exciting for us to be small part of the book release! I’m so honored.

Well, enough chit-chatting from me.

Here’s Jane!

Sarah and Jenna, thank you for inviting me to visit.  I’ve wandered through your blog and feel so comfortable.  Jenna, I, too, love the Anne of Green Gables books and recently bought several for my Kindle.  Sarah, we’ve moved so often that the word “move” fills me with dread.  But we’ve lived interesting places and met wonderful people with each .  I know you’ll have a wonderful time getting settled.

Delighting in Today—what a great name for a blog.   We’ve been born into such a wonderful creation.  We delight in the sunset and the colors of an autumn day.  Today I look out my window to see the field across the street covered with glorious blue bonnets.  The beauty fills me with awe.

Because I grew up in a city, I was surprised to know that I delight in the joys of living in a small town.   My husband George is a minister.  I’ve followed him  from small towns to cities.   What I enjoyed about small towns is that people there wanted to get to know us.  Because we were neighbors, they cared about us and gathered when any of us faced tragedy and shared any happy event.

Shortly after we moved to George’s first pastorate, one of the church members died.  The elders mentioned a “sympathy dinner.”   I’d never heard of that.   It was explained that the church hosted a meal for the friends and family who gathered for the funeral.    What a great, caring idea.   It’s one of the things that brings a community together and I delight in that sharing.

I also delight in writing.  I’ve written three books for Avalon Books and four more for Love Inspired.  After that, I wanted to write a book about a small town, populated by the loving people I met, but this type of book didn’t fit either of the lines I’d written for.  FaithWords bought the first book of the Tales from Butternut Creek series.  The Welcome Committee of Butternut Creek will be available April 3, 2012.

I delight in faith.  My father, also a minister, tells me that, as a child, I had a tea party with Jesus as a guest.   Faith has strengthen us and brought us through great trials.  It seemed obvious that faith would be an important part of my books.  In The Welcome Committee, a young minister is called to serve a church in a small town in Texas.  I don’t preach but tell a story about people who possess faith.  As one reviewer said, “Perrine does a fine job . . . portraying details and dilemmas of regular folks, and offering spiritual messages from real life.” (Romantic Times Magazine)

I hope you’ll pick up a copy of The Welcome Committee of Butternut Creek or download it to your e-reader.

Butternut Creek is a lovely place to visit.   Why don’t you join me on the front porch, pour yourself a glass of lemonade and settle in for a nice chat?

And won’t you share good memories and delights you’ve shared in small towns or cities?

{Me again!} Don’t you just want to sit down and have that glass of lemonade while having a chat with Jane yourself?

I’m about halfway through the book, and I’m really enjoying it! Lots of interesting people to meet in Butternut Creek. :)

Thank you, Jane, so much, for being here at Delighting in Today. I hope your book {and the entire series} is a fantastic success! And more importantly that your heart is encouraged that the work you do brings pleasure and glory to the Father!

You can purchase her book through Amazon {affiliate link warning :)} – in print or for your Kindle.

If you’d like to keep up with Jane and her work {I know I will!} you can find her…
…on the web: Jane Myers Perrine
…on Twitter: @FaithWords, @PerrineJane, #butternutcreek
…on Facebook: Jane Myers Perrine and FaithWords

And we’d truly love it if you’d answer Jane’s question: “won’t you share good memories and delights you’ve shared in small towns or cities?”

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  1. I’m so glad to be here and to share release day for The Welcome Committee of Butternut Creek with you, Jenna and Sarah.

    Visitors, if you’ll look at the cover, you’ll notice the young minister in front of the parsonage and, coming up the street, two women to welcome him. Isn’t that typical of a small town or a warm, friendly neighborhood?

    I’d love to chat with you-all. Please drop in and leave a message or ask a question.


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