Mid-Week Inspiration: Slap Some Paint on It

I go back and forth about painting my finger nails. Sometimes I love it! And sometimes I can’t imagine what I ever thought was so great about having my nails painted.

Right now I’m in the “having my nails painted is so cool!” camp.

I painted them hot pink the other day, and I love them! Who knew that hot pink could go with so much?
Just wished they didn’t chip so easily.

I’ve seen a lot of nail polish colors and designs pop up on Pinterest, so I thought – why not share a few favorites?

I’m not much of a design on the nails person for my own nails – just isn’t my thing.
But I love pretty nail colors!

Here are a few of my faves!

Orange isn’t one of my colors so I normally steer clear, but this one leans enough to the coral side, that I really like it.

We Heart It

I’m in love with this neutral polish topped with a little bit of sparkle!

Nomadic D {Colors are: Alessandro International No. 852 Cappuccino and Sephora by OPI Only Gold for Me}

Here’s another pretty, pretty coral with some understated bling. I especially love the nails where the sparkle’s just at the tips.

Miss Renaissance {Colors are: Essie Cute as a Button and Sparitual Knowledge}

I promise you – I will never let my nails look like this!

And to help you get over the shock of those crazy nails… I give you a beautiful neutral that I would wear any season of the year. So lovely.

Designer Swag without the Designer Pricetag {Color: OPI Step Right Up}

So where do you fall on the nails painted/nails not painted camp?
Got any great colors that I need to try?

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