Beading It {the cutest necklace for the cutest girl}

It’s no secret that I love jewelry.

I mean, to catch me without earrings is pretty rare. Maybe my earring thing is a sickness. I just don’t feel completely dressed without them. I can look like a crazy mess with my hair in a bumpy ponytail and paint clothes on, but you can pretty much bet I’ll be wearing earrings.

I’ve slowly been embracing the statement necklace trend too. Of course, it will never replace my love of earrings. But a big bold necklace can totally change an outfit up!

And it’s also no secret that my daughter really loves her beads.

Oh, yes, she does!

She even snagged a string of pearls from my room the other day and had them around her sweet little neck. Much to her displeasure, I very quickly removed them. No breaking the pearls! {Even if they only cost me $5.}

I had seen this post over at Making it Lovely about making a statement necklace, and I was all about it! But…when I went to JoAnn’s, they didn’t have any beads that I was in love with for me. Gotta get to Michaels and check their selection. However…I found the sweetest beads for Miss M!

So I thought – why not? She loves beads. She’s very careful with them. Why not make her a sweet little necklace?

When my friend asked if I wanted to have a craft night, I brought my beads in tow and made a sweet necklace for my girl.

Disclaimer: Yes, I realize that putting beads on a baby could be risky. I am not purporting that everyone should make a beaded necklace for their little girls. However, Miss M only wears hers when she is under my surveillance. They come off at nap time, etc. Also – she is extremely careful with her beads. ::whew:: Just had to mention that. :)

If you want a good tutorial, pop over and check out Andrea’s from Making it Lovely. This is the quick, cheater version. :)

This was also my first attempt at any kind of real necklace, and it was much easier than I thought! All those do-dads and fasteners and such intimidated me at first, but it’s really pretty straight forward.

Make a Basic Beaded Necklace

Supplies…You’re gonna need…

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  1. Chain {optional: if you want your necklace to be adjustable, you’ll need this; if not, you can skip it}
  2. Nylon monofilament {like fishing wire}
  3. Jump rings*
  4. Crimp beads* {this little bag also holds some beads I didn’t use…the crimp beads are those tiny metal beads}
  5. Beads
  6. Necklace fastener*
  7. Needle-nose pliers
  8. That’s the finished necklace!

*There’s a little package that says “Findings” on it that has the jump rings, crimp beads, and fasteners. Unless you’re gonna make tons of jewelry, I’d start with that.

There other other tools you could use – like wire cutters. But I found that my husband’s needle-nose pliers worked just fine.

Again, hop over to Making it Lovely for the full version.

You start by adding a crimp bead and a jump ring to the end of your string.

You will take your string and put it back through the crimp bead. Pull it so the crimp bead and the jump ring are close together and use the pliers to clamp down on the crimp bead. This is what secures your necklace, so be gentle, but make sure that crimp bead is pressed down firmly! You don’t want your beautiful necklace to come unstrung!

Here’s a picture of what it should look like before you tighten and crimp the bead. Just so you can see how the string should be.

{Yes, my nails are a mess!! I took my nail polish off after I saw this picture!}

Now just string on your beads! Easy, peasy. And, okay, a little time consuming too. I chose to alternate one green bead with one crimp bead. Yep, those crimp beads aren’t just for crimping! {Crimping – lol! Anyone else use to crimp their hair?!}

When you get to the end, you’ll repeat the crimp bead, jump ring, tightened, clamp process. And – wow! You’ve got a necklace!

Use your needle-nose pliers to add short lengths of chain {to make it adjustable} and your necklace fastener thingy to the jump rings on either side of the necklace. Initially I added chain on both sides of the necklace, but it was too long for Miss M, so I took off one side and just put the fastener on the jump ring at the end.

Here’s a visual breakdown of all the details and elements. {I’m such a visual person, and maybe you are too!}

Put it on a cute model.

And that’s it! Now you can be creative and dream up all kinds of great jewelry!

I think Miss M is pretty pleased, and so am I!

{Linked to Tatertots and Jello}

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  1. Erika says:

    Look at that smile! :))

  2. Kristin says:

    She is just precious. I am in love with this age! I know toddler-hood has a bad rap, but I think it is the most fun!

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