Quick Art that Took a Long Time

{So…if you read Deck the Walls in our 31 Days of Simple Solutions, you already saw what I’m going to show you today. But since I had the post mostly written, I figured it was about time I shared it!}

Quite a long time ago. Most likely over a year ago. In a galaxy far, far away. {Just checking to see if you’re awake!}

I saw this pretty piece of artwork that I thought would be perfect for our gray and yellow master bathroom. Bear in mind, that was before I had painted it. But I had vision, ya’ll. Vision!

And while this pretty piece of artwork was out of my price range because it was real art, it was simple enough that I was pretty sure I could do a knock-off.

Alas and alack. And row, row, row your boat {are you still awake?}. I cannot. Cannot! Find that inspiration art any where on the web. I have no idea whose artwork I wanted to copy.

The reason is – I printed the inspirational artwork. {This is all pre-Pinterest, mind you. I know! The shock! Pre-Pinterest, that was the dark ages!} Then started the art project. Then threw the paper away. :::sigh:::

So that’s all back story. Let’s get to the art already, shall we?!

So like I said, a long time ago, aided by my inspiration, I started in on this piece of artwork.

And then I quit. When it was looking just like that.

Because what you can’t see is that when the paint was wet it was just soaking right up into the wood and you could barely see it and I was convinced that I would be spending the rest of my child-bearing years putting layers of paint on that board.

So I abandoned the project.

But as you can see! The paint didn’t soak in nearly as much as I thought at first!

But did that inspire me to finish it?


I let it sit around my house for over a year. Because – that’s the way I roll {apparently}.

Until, finally, after painting the bathroom and it starting to look all snazzy-like, I was all, “self, get out that board and finish painting that baby!”

And so, in like 5 minutes, I had whipped out my white paint, watered it down considerably, and brushed it on the board. The end.

Why, oh, why, did I put that off for so very, very long?


Here she is all finito!

I’m pretty certain my art doesn’t look anything as good as the original. But no one’s gonna know, right? Since I can’t find the original!

And then it sat for awhile leaning against the wall in the bathroom because – like, I didn’t make time to hang it. Ugh. Hello, my name is Jenna, and I’m a procrastinator.

After I acquired this little shelf thing {for free, yo!}, I did the lazy clever thing and propped the art on top. Done and done.

I pretty much love this simple painting. And it fits in so well with my spiffied master bath!

Why, oh why, do I put off simple things like this? Can you relate? Am I alone? {I’m sure I’m not ;)}

So what simple project have you been putting off lately??

Wanna know how I created that masterpiece? I simply had Nolan cut down a piece of scrap wood. For the gray, I mixed white and black. The other colors are self-explanatory, I hope! I watered them all waaaaay down until they were very runny. Then I just painted them on. Easy as pie!

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  1. I love the wood grain showing through!

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