Creating a Forest Wonderland {Craft with the Kids}

I enjoy crafting with my kids and with Christmas fast approaching, I’ve been trying to do some simple crafting with them.

I have a couple of requirements though…

  • they need to be pretty ::ahem, yes, I just said that::
  • they need to be pretty because I want them to double as Christmas decor
  • they need to be simple and as stress-free as possible
  • and, of course, the kids need to enjoy them

And I totally nailed all my requirements with this craft. I’m so excited!!!

No glue. Scissors optional.

I know?!! How can that possibly be labeled “craft.” Well…I’m going to go with this – it had parts that needed to be assembled, therefore it is a “craft.”

So on to the good stuff…

Here’s what I came up with!

Oh…it’s SO cute! Eek! And the kids love, love, love it because they can touch it and play with it and it’s FUN!

So…if you can’t figure it out, here’s the low down on how to assemble your own Forest Wonderland.

Excluding the tray, I bought all of my materials {including the animals!} at Michael’s. They have SO much Christmas stuff on sale!! And don’t forget your coupons!

I started off with a red tray I picked up at Target last year. You could use a tray or a plate or a platter. Or try a picture frame or even a cookie sheet. A large bowl? A mirror. Yeah… You get the idea!

Spread some of that sheet blanket snow stuff down on your tray as your base.

Then pop in your trees. I loooooove these trees. There’s just something about them. Just wiggle the bases of your trees down into that snow blanket.

I resisted the urge to instruct my children on where the trees should grow in their forest. ;)

Then we sprinkled on a little bit of faux snow. Oh, how fun! {And, random fact. I loooooove saying faux snow. Lol. Try it!}

Then we the kids had fun adding the animals and playing.

And you end up here!

Initially, I wanted to glitter up some deer like this

But I couldn’t find any little deer in Target or Michael’s or Dollar Tree. Actually, on closer inspection that big deer might be the same one that I bought, but they didn’t have any fawns.

Honestly, though, I love these animals just as much. The moose is my favorite!

Then just have fun with it!

The kids love playing with the animals. Miss M thinks the polar bear is a dog. Sweet girl…

Someone’s hiding back there…

The end.

I was going to use it as my dining room table centerpiece and I still think that would be a great idea! But I moved it to the table behind our couch where it’s at kid level so they can really enjoy it and play with it whenever they want.

Have you made any fun Christmas crafts with your kiddos this year?

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  1. I love the little animals that you included in here! Especially the moose:)

    Just posted on Craft Gossip!

  2. Karla Moose says:

    Nice wintery forest! Who can not love THE MOOSE !!!


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