The Book Signing That Almost Didn’t Happen {And a Giveaway Sneak Peek}

Do you all read Young House Love? If you don’t, you should! They are like the bomb when it comes to DIY and house projects. I’ve read their blog stalkerishly uber-faithfully for years now and have been so inspired and encouraged in the DIY home department in many ways. I love that they just jump in and tackle projects! And I think, “if they can do it, why can’t I?!” So yeah…John & Sherry pretty much rock.

Well, back in the fall they released their first book: Young House Love: 243 Ways to Paint, Craft, Update & Show Your Home Some Love. ::Woo hoo!::
And announced a book tour. ::Yippee!::
And……They came all the way down here to my neck of the concrete jungle!! ::Happy, happy, happy dance!!::

Keep in mind that they announced the book tour in the fall. This is January. I called the bookstore right away to make my “reservation” and they girl was all “well, we’re making a list, but it’s so far away…We’ll be sure to call you when it’s closer to the date.” Lol. Over-excited, much?

And then I had to wait several torturous months for them to actually come!

I know this sounds completely and totally insane, but when you read about someone’s lives and DIY projects for years…you kind of feel like you know them. {Sherry wore her Christmas earrings and had her fresh-cut bangs pinned back, and wore her standard blazer. John rocked jeans and a button down. And they sound just like they do in their videos. Yeah, I feel like I know them.} It almost felt like I was meeting some long lost relatives. I was sooooo excited and sooooo nervous. Because, like, what do you say to these amazing blog celebrities who have kajillions of fans? I’ve never been a groupie of anyone, but I’m totally a YHL groupie!

Anyway…so back to the story.

The big day was yesterday.

I had kind of been feeling not so great all day. A friend was supposed to go with me to the signing, but circumstances arose which made it impossible for her to go with. I was feeling a little panicky.

I don’t like crowds. I don’t like going places with crowds by myself. I feel like such a klutz around strangers. And what on earth could I possibly say to John & Sherry?! Whoa… So maybe I should rethink this book signing attendance thing.

Then… I couldn’t find my car keys. And I was supposed to drop my kids at my parents before heading over the signing.

The keys were

Ring-a-ling… “Nolan, what did you do with my car keys?” {I admit to being extremely unhappy and not very nice. Sorry, honey. Forgive me?}

“Uh…oops.” {He had taken them with him to work.}

Now….I’m reallllllllllly a mess. Maybe this was a sign I shouldn’t go! What am I gonna do!? Could I even make it there on time??

But…Most things worth doing take some effort and most things worth doing have some roadblocks, right?

Sherry waved at me!!!

{PS – didn’t bring the big camera. Kind of wished I did. Forgive the eh phone photos.}

It all worked out and I made it on time. ::wipes sweat from brow with shaky hands::

And then……. I get there and there are all these swanky people in suits and ties and ladies in dresses and heels sitting outside the book store and I’m getting the feeling I must certainly be in the wrong place. I wasn’t – whew… I don’t think they had anything to do with the signing.

All in all, I’m SOOOOOOOO a million times over glad that I went!

And just a side note, I most certainly did wear a variation of my “go-to outfit.”

John and Sherry were amazing {as usual}. And totally down to earth. And so funny. Sherry totally good-naturedly called John a “nervous nerdy-pants.” Toooooo funny. And my only regret is that we got to “chat” for like 10 seconds and snap a pic. And I think they would be really cool to visit with over a cuppa at Starbucks. ::sigh::

Oh…My favorite part?!?!

It was my turn to get my book signed, and Sherry was all, “I think you’ve commented {on the blog} before.” Ahhhhhh!!! Totally made this girl’s day! Because you can bet I’ve commented before in all my stalkerish reading. :)

And they signed my {badly in need of a cleaning} paint brush. And John mentioned that he likes to see a paint brush that’s seen lots of use {a loose quote, but that’s the idea}.

So, John and Sherry, I didn’t know that my opinion of you guys could get any higher. But, somehow you succeeded. You guys are amazing, and I truly wish you all of the best!

It was pretty incredible to get to meet two of my all-time favorite bloggers ever. Call my crazy, but this was definitely a highlight for me! #Ifeellikeagiddyteenager

Oh yeah, a giveaway! So….Here’s the deal! Didn’t make it to the signing? Maybe they aren’t coming to an area near you? They signed a book for one of you special people to win!!! I’ll do a real deal giveaway post on Monday. So come back then to enter to win your very own signed copy of John and Sherry’s book!

***This giveaway is now closed***

As you can tell I’m still a bit giddy! I just can’t help it. :)

PS – While waiting in line I met this very sweet girl and her husband. She is a photographer in the Orlando, Florida area and after checking out her site – I’ve gotta say her work is lovely! So…Here’s a little plug for my sweet line-mate Bethney. Need an Orlando photographer? Check her out!

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  1. Nicole says:

    Hi Jenna! I was the girl who sat next to you during John and Sherry’s talk last night. I just wanted to stop by and say that it was so nice to meet you and I am so happy to have found your blog! I was in the same boat as you and felt a little awkward going by myself but you were too sweet and I was glad you ended up sitting in the empty seat next to me! Hopefully we can run into each other at the “nice Goodwill” off Oakland sometime soon :)

  2. Bethney says:

    I loved meeting you last night Jenna! And I really loved getting to relive everything through this post! I woke up this morning knowing it was surely all a dream, but I looked under my ceramic rhino and there was John and Sherry’s signature. I couldn’t believe it!

    Thank you for your sweet words and for the shout out! That was really really sweet of you. You are officially on my daily blog reading list now :)

    If you are ever in Orlando let me know, it would be great to meet up!

  3. Kelly says:

    Personally, I love how you incorportaed the hot pink shoes into your “go-to” outfit so as to coordinate with the cover of John and Sherry’s book! You’ve got some serious style girl!


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