Cake Confessions

Confession time. {No, this is not where I admit to eating too much cake and yummy food yesterday in celebration of my own birthday! Although that would be true too.} My cake cheating simple solution? Didn’t work out so well for Miss M’s birthday. Whew…I feel much better now that I’ve told you! I wanted […] Read more »

31 Days :: Keep ‘Em Busy

So, if you have children, you know that there are moments that you wish you had something to keep them busy, like… Waiting for your food at a restaurant. Waiting at an appointment. Waiting for an oil change. A long car ride. Unexpected stop. Etc, etc, etc… And though we want to teach our kids […] Read more »

31 Simple Solutions :: The Pits

So I feel a leeeeeetle bit funny writing this post for all the world to see. But, I’m so glad I learned this simple solution, so maybe you will benefit from it too. Today – let’s talk about armpits. {Yeah, I know…weird, right?!} To break the ice, I give you a joke told I picked […] Read more »

31 Simple Solutions :: Praying

This post has been tumbling around in my head and heart for awhile {like since before I even started blogging kind of “awhile”}. I just never took the time to spill it into words. It’s nothing profound really. Nothing you probably haven’t thought of before. But since the thought keeps clambering around in my heart, […] Read more »