Powder Room :: Trim and Toilet

Guess what?! The Powder Room is functional! That’s right, the toilet and sink are working and able to be used. {Even if it’s not perfectly finished yet.} It is sooooo exciting to have a nice bathroom for the guests to use! You ready for a little update? After I painted, Nolan started in on the […] Read more »

Palladian Blue, I Love You

This may be the most boring post of all time. However, I just have to report that the Powder Room is officially painted! Looking straight in – the nook is where the toilet goes. We opted to paint the ceiling the same color as the walls. I debated leaving it white, but somewhere I read […] Read more »

Fern Lovin’

There’s a bandwagon I’ve been wanting to jump on for a long time! “Long time” as in pre-Pinterest and probably pre-Jenna-reads-lots-of-blogs kind of a long time. The fern in the bathroom bandwagon has been calling my name! I think I first read about it in a shelter mag. And was completely intrigued. Apparently they really […] Read more »