How To :: Install Hardware on Drawer Fronts {Hip, hip, hurray! I finally got some handles!}

It’s been awhile now {I was preggers with Miss M}, but I remember my first yard sale outing as an adult with a few of my friends. So fun! I’m a huge yard sale fan now! I don’t go every week, and sometimes I’d rather sleep in on Saturday morning, but I do love me […] Read more »

Dear Wal-Mart {Just when I Thought We Might be Friends}

Dear Wal-Mart, I have nothing against you really. I don’t frequent your aisles, but that’s primarily because of convenience. After all, Target is just a stone’s throw away while you require me to take a little drive. An excursion – sometimes – depending on how many children I have in tow. I have an deep […] Read more »

Curtain Call! {A Little Curtain Tour of My Home}

So I was getting ready for the Swap Party, and one thing I reallllllly wanted to accomplish before the event was getting curtains hung in my living room {remember that’s on my 12 in ’12 list}! We had the bamboo blinds from when we put some up in the master bedroom and I bought curtains […] Read more »

A Simple Party

Remember when I told you the other day that I had had a small party that I wanted to blog about? Well, today’s the day! It’s been…I don’t know…almost a month? But that’s okay! We’ll just pretend like it was yesterday. It was actually really neat. The Women’s Ministry at our church calls it “Circle […] Read more »