Do You Jamberry?

Neither did I. Sure I’d heard about it here and there around the internet, but I never tried it. I mean, what’s the big deal after all? Until! My good friend asked if I’d be interested in hosting a Facebook Jamberry party. She sent me a sample, and…..yeah… I know what all the fuss is […] Read more »

The Lord Provides

Our family is in a season of very careful consideration of each dime that we spend. Life has ups and downs, and this is one of those times when we have to be careful. It’s life. But that doesn’t mean this pretty clothes, pretty things, decor loving girl doesn’t want new things! It just means […] Read more »

Guest Post :: Maxis, Stipes, and Metallics

You’ve probably seen them, those cute, long flowing jersey knit skirts. The maxi skirt is big this season and they are comfortable too! They are soft, cool, easy to move in and hardly noticeable. The epitome of comfort! They’re very reasonable in price too with almost any store you can think of stocking them. Pair […] Read more »

Tutorial :: DIY Corkboard Jewelry Hanging Organizer of Awesomeness

Wanna know how to make your own Corkboard Jewelry Hanging Organizer of Awesomeness? {Go here for the before pictures of my jewelry piles.} You do?! Fantastic! And just in case your wondering why I didn’t just buy a bulletin board… Well… I did look for one. But everything I kept finding was a little pricey […] Read more »

My Jewelry :: Once Upon A Time, there was a chaotic mess {The Post I Promised and Didn’t Deliver}

Sooooo…. Thanks for loving me even though I didn’t deliver on my promised post last week. Sometimes life just gets in the way. And living life is more important than blogging life. I know you all understand! But let’s talk about jewelry today! I’m a jewelry fanatic. I have been for a long time now. […] Read more »

A Fassy Fettish

Do you love the beautiful scarves that are trending these days? Me too! The girls at Fassy sent me a lovely scarf to review! What’s Fassy? A great company started by two ladies with a superb eye for design! {They are both architects! I know, right? How cool is that!} Kathleen and Jessica dared to […] Read more »

Saturday Snapshots {38}

It’s Saturday! Whoopie! I love the weekend! I’m off to a 9 am ballet class. Not very excited about the 9 am thing. I am, however, excited to be taking a class! My regular teacher is off on vacation, and I’ve been slacking on the practicing… {Sunday} Sunday Style…Navy polk-a-dots and fuchsia Blouse: The Loft […] Read more »