Elegant Meets Rustic Meets Glam :: Hanging Miss M’s Curtains

As I said the other day, I’m going for a glam meets rustic look for Miss M’s big girl room, and pieces are falling into place! I’m working on a super-limited budget. Like – as close to zero as possible. So I’m trying my best to think creatively and use what I already have around [...] Read more »

Faux Wood Floor Under My Feet {Flooring in the Powder Room}

We are finally making some more progress in the Powder Room. Okay. Pause. So, ya’ll know what a Powder Room is, right? I was getting some flack from friends {who shall remain nameless} about a “Powder Room.” No, a Powder Room is not the pantry where you store your extra flour and powdered sugar! But [...] Read more »

Comfort & Joy {A Fabulous Christmas Dinner Event}

Because I’m a wee bit crazy and because I looooooove decorating and decorating for parties – I volunteered to help out with the decor for our church’s annual Women’s Christmas Event. The wee bit crazy part is because I kind of, sort of forgot that Christmas is like thebusiesttimeoftheyear. But it’s okay because it all [...] Read more »