Tutorial: How to Sew a Ruffled Drawstring Bag for Your Ballet Shoes

I did it! I signed up for an Adult Beginner’s Ballet class. I bought some clothes to dance in. {no tights, leotards, or tutus though!} And I bought some ballet slippers. {squeal! so excited!} And tonight is my first class! Exciting! Scary! I’ll be sure to report back. It’s feel so good to be working […] Read more »

A Pocket Book

[Not to be confused with "pocketbook"!] I made a few of these the other day when my sewing machine was already out (to work on that quilt). It’s a quick project, and only takes about 5 minutes… given your sewing machine is easily accessible. There’s lots of uses for them. Karis LOVES them. She and […] Read more »

A Project Two Years in the Making

I got a book for Christmas in 2009 from my thoughtful hubby: I love looking through these kinds of books. These are the kinds of books that I sit at Barnes and Noble and read and then put back on the shelf and continue the next time I’m there. Anyway, there are a lot of great […] Read more »