In A Word – LOVE

A word for the year. I’m not sure if you feel this way, but I feel like my life goes in clumps – for lack of a better word. Seasons might be a better description. Seasons where the Lord is really honing in on something with me, and if I’m quiet, it seems to all [...] Read more »

Finding Rest

Our church elders put together a fantastic devotional that the church body has been studying. Yesterday this quote from St. Augustine really jumped off the page at me. Oh, Lord, help my heart to find rest in You and You alone. Read more »

A Quiet Heart

I ran across this quote from Elizabeth Elliot while reading Calm My Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow. What a good reminder – be content with what God gives. He has a plan, and it is always best. Trust Him. I need to remember that every single day. {Graphics compliments of Zeldona at mellowmint.livejournal} Read more »

Conch & Crab :: God’s Amazing Handiwork

The wonders of creation just fascinate me. How about you? When I think about the sun or the stars or flowers or animals and creatures and see how amazing and different and unique they all are,  I stand back amazed. “The heavens declare the glory of God, the stars proclaim the work of His hands.” [...] Read more »

Grace {for myself}

Grace. Something I am learning to give to myself because Christ gave it to me. I’m a perfectionist. Did you know that? Now if you walk in the door of my home right now you will see dirty dishes and toys scattered and two bathrooms that need to be cleaned. So I’m not a total [...] Read more »