eMeals Savings and Bacon Potato Salad {yum!}

You guys know my love for eMeals is unceasing {and if you don’t know it, just read this and this to find out why}. The other day I went to the beach in the morning, the library in the afternoon, and STILL got a yummy stress-free dinner on the table {read: not frozen pizza}. Thank […] Read more »

Battling Dinner Time Insanity

As much as it pains me to admit it, I’m not the best at organization. I’m not an absolute and complete slob, but I’m not very good at getting myself organized on a large scale. Small things, sure. I can organize a party. Think through an event. The fun stuff! But keep my kids’ toys […] Read more »

A Gingerbread House That Almost Wasn’t

Tis the day after Christmas, And I just have to say That our gingerbread house Wasn’t made ’til the Eve of Christmas day. I wanted to forgot it, but the children were insistent, that Christmas wouldn’t be perfect if we went on in life without it. So I mixed the Royal Icing according to directions. […] Read more »

From Pinterest to My Table

I love Pinterest. You love Pinterest. We all love Pinterest! Sounds like a cheer, right? And it should end with pom-poms waving and a “GoooOOOOOOooo Pinterest! Yay!” Excuse the blonde moment, folks. Moving on… One thing that I really love about Pinterest is the access to new recipes! {Follow my “Eats” board if you’d like.} […] Read more »