We Love Colored Pants!

I asked you all for pictures in your colored pants on my Go Bold in Pink Pants post and and Facebook and you came through for me! Here are some great girls rocking their colored pants. Hopefully their ways of styling them will be inspirational! Alissa styled her pink pants with cream for a dinner […] Read more »

Fern Lovin’

There’s a bandwagon I’ve been wanting to jump on for a long time! “Long time” as in pre-Pinterest and probably pre-Jenna-reads-lots-of-blogs kind of a long time. The fern in the bathroom bandwagon has been calling my name! I think I first read about it in a shelter mag. And was completely intrigued. Apparently they really […] Read more »

Art I Love

Don’t you just love a good piece of art? Me too! I’ve really had art on the brain lately. Not sure why. Maybe because I’ve been thinking about the need for something above our sofa. The “why” doesn’t matter really – it’s just something I’ve been thinking about! I’m all about DIYing art, but sometimes […] Read more »