I’ve been dying to introduce you to our newest baby girl! Forgive me if you follow me on Instagram, because in that case, you’ve seen most of these. But, hey, she’s so adorable it won’t hurt to see them again. We headed out the door bright and early that Friday morning to get the party [...] Read more »


It’s D {as in “Delivery”} Day for me today! {2 days ago} In fact, we’re probably at the hospital right now. After consulting with my doctor, we’ve decided to go ahead with an induction. Which means I get to mini-blog the fact that I’m heading to the hospital – a luxury most momma’s don’t get. [...] Read more »

Baby Girl Bump

My momma is the bestest. On the spur of the moment after the ballet, I asked her if she’d grab her camera and snap some baby belly pictures. I was already dressed up, and I didn’t know when I’d get another chance to grab some pictures. I’m so glad she said yes! We headed out [...] Read more »

Getting Cultured

On Saturday Leah {my sis} and I went to the ballet. That was her Christmas gift to me. How awesome is that? Here’s what I learned: 1) Don’t park in the close garage. Even though it’s close, the lot a block down the street is less than half the cost. {Which we discovered when we [...] Read more »

A Mommy’s Guide to Newborn Essentials

I’ve been cleaning and rearranging and organizing and all-around getting ready for Baby Girl’s {I need a blog name for her!} appearance next month. And since “baby” has been on the mind so much, I thought it would be fun to do a little mini-series on what I deem essentials, coupled with some of my [...] Read more »

The Big, The Ouch, and the Yucky

I was driving home from my ballet class bemoaning the fact that this pregnant body is just that – pregnant. Not that I mind being pregnant. But I mind that my brain works slower. My body is heavier. My stamina is lower. My legs are fatter. My tummy makes things harder. My body aches {not [...] Read more »