12 Weeks With Little Miss

My baby girl is 12 weeks old already. How did that happen? Yeah…I don’t know either! I’m trying to take a monthly photo with my “real” camera. But I’m also trying to grab a weekly pic with my phone and posting to Instagram {find me @jennaqu}. Here’s the last 12 weeks of Little Miss… They [...] Read more »

Why I Should Plant a Fruit Tree :: Thoughts on Neighborliness

It was so simple… The doorbell rang. With Little Miss on my arm, I peeked out the window and saw a lady I didn’t recognize. “At least it’s not the incessant tree trimmers!” I thought. They never give up. They ignore the “No Soliciting” signs. They knock. All.the.time. Those industrious tree trimmers. I opened the [...] Read more »

Photo-a-Day Challenge :: Week 5

June 30 marked the final day for Kati’s June Photo-a-Day Challenge. Therefore, today is my final round up of pictures. I’ve really enjoyed the challenge, though I admit that I shuffled the days around and didn’t always take the photo on the actual day. Ah well…At least I got all of them in! Challenge 26 [...] Read more »

Saving Money {Online} On Homeschool Curriculum

School’s out! School’s out! And like I imagine most other homeschooling moms out there, I’m already deep into planning and purchasing for next year. {No rest for the homeschool mom!} There’s something crazy, fascinating, overwhelming and wonderful about delving into the many, many options out there. For this coming school year, I knew some basics [...] Read more »