Afraid of the Dark

We had been having bedtime struggles with Miss M. Lots of tears. Lots of getting up. Lots of “I want Daddy.” Long past bedtime. Like…this would go on for HOURS past bedtime. I wish I was kidding. For me…Lots of frustration. Lots of questioning. Lots of not knowing how to deal with it. We tried […] Read more »

My Most Favoritist Picture :: G and Me

I’ve been wanting to share more of the pictures from our Christmas photo shoot, but I’m so behind on EVERYTHING! I’ll share the rest with you later, but for today – I leave you with my most favorite of favorites. Having a forth child has not been easy. But having this girl? She’s been pure […] Read more »

Little Miss :: 7 Months

So I’m way late posting Little Miss’s monthly photo. So late in fact that it will soon be time for her 8 month pics! Such is life. This little one continues to grow and blossom. Though Mom says that she is stoic, I think she is hilarious. I guess it all just depends on her […] Read more »

4 Years with Miss M

This girl turned 4 this week. I simply can’t believe that! It’s been four wonderful years of having a girl in the house! And now with Little Miss, the boy-girl count is even. But Miss M gave me my first taste of little girl heaven and I love it. Can’t wait to see what the […] Read more »

Little Miss :: 6 Months

My Baby Girl is halfway to one. Can we now take a moment of silence? ::::::::silence::::::::: Thank you. Don’t mind me as I wipe away a tear or two. With each of my kids I’ve felt that once you hit the 6 month mark that babyhood just FLIES. I can’t say I’m ready for that. […] Read more »

Little Miss :: 5 Months

Another month gone by… This blog seems to be dieing a slow, slow death. Or maybe it’s just hibernating for a season? Let’s go with that! I’ve started a blog post {in my head} entitled “why I’m not blogging right now,” but finding the time and willpower to get even that out hasn’t happened. So […] Read more »

Back to School {With a Delayed be 3 Weeks Post}

School’s back in session, and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. SIDEBAR :: And just to give you an idea of how crazy it’s been around here…I wrote this post three. Count them. THREE weeks ago and never posted it. Even though it was completely written. I’m posting now because…it is my […] Read more »

Little Miss :: 4 Months

Well, folks, seems like this here blog has turned into a monthly show-off of my littlest girl. I promise that my intentions are far greater, but my time is so limited. I do hope to come back soon and chat with you about more than just my cutie pie! However, she is pretty stinkin’ cute! […] Read more »