Celebrating 7

Yesterday Nolan and I celebrated our anniversary. 7 years! Wow… In some ways it feels like yesterday. In some ways it feels like ages ago. We’ve been through all the typical marital ups and downs. We’re learning together. God has made our marriage stronger, and I trust Him to make it better through each passing […] Read more »

Just Us

I just wanted to share this picture… Because it makes me happy… I could share about things I’ve been up to, but those will wait. Marriage is such a blessing {and hard work too!}. I’m so blessed to be married to this wonderful man. {And that’s all I’ve got to say today.} {Thanks, Mom, for […] Read more »

Mid-Week Inspiration: In Pursuit

So. This mid-week inspiration is going to be trotting down the unbeaten path as far as our mid-week inspiration goes. No fancy pictures today. Just some thoughts. Some thoughts that have been turning over and around in my head. And I’m hoping they will encourage you. I’m hoping they will inspire you in your walk. […] Read more »

Love, True Love

It’s Valentine’s Day… Some boyfriends bring you chocolates while you’re dating. Some fiances bring you roses while you’re engaged. And some husbands etch lengthy love letters onto parchment with a quill pen by candlelight that extol your beauty, poise, grace, and intelligence. Letters that proclaim to the world that in all of creation there is […] Read more »

A Fresh Perspective

On a bit of randomness, and probably to the great embarrassment of my husband, I’ve just got to share this with you. It happened in Sunday School a few weeks back. It seems that all the wives in our young married’s class got to class first, so we all sat on one side of the […] Read more »

Of Water and Quarrels

Nolan and I recently started the Love & Respect study with a few friends of ours. We did this study a few years back, but who doesn’t need a good reminder? It’s a little wild and crazy trying to watch the video and have an intelligent conversation afterward when there are lots of little kids […] Read more »

30 Before 30: #4 Complete!

As I told you, Nolan and I celebrated our 6th anniversary last Saturday. And being the silly  helpful goal meeting sweet wife {I just typed wide! ha!} that I am, I asked Nolan if we could go to Benihana for hibachi. And being the wonderful husband that he is, he agreed and made reservations {and […] Read more »

Anniversary Dreaming

Nolan and I will celebrate our 6th anniversary on Saturday. Wow…It seems like it’s been forever, and at the same time, it seems like yesterday that we were exchanging vows. Funny story…{rabbit trail alert!}…In Florida they recommend that you take pre-marital counseling. If you take the counseling from an accredited counselor they will waive the […] Read more »