Bump Update {Halfway There!}

I’m just over the halfway mark of carrying our littlest sweet one. At my doctor’s appointment last week, my Doctor was all, “Two more appointments at four weeks, then we go to every two weeks.” And I wanted to be all “Whaaaa! How did it go so fast?!” {Thanksgiving bump} But I know how it [...] Read more »

To Whom It May Concern :: Yard Sale Folks and Pregnant Bellies

Dear Yard Sale Woman, And the other people who made “interesting” remarks during a recent yard sale excursion, Yo, what is UP with the preggo belly attraction going on?! {No, not my preggo belly, my friend’s.} So… {a} Yes, it’s normal that you’re going to notice. I get it. Preggo belly = sweet baby = [...] Read more »

Super Mommy :: Episode 1 :: Battle Against the Evil Villain Bedroom Uncleanness

I’d love to talk more party today, but… I’m still eating my elephants this summer and “blog post with party details and how to’s” didn’t make the cut today. So instead…… I submit to you this (with all humility of course) :: All mother’s who clean their little boy’s room are Super Heroes and deserving [...] Read more »

In Which T Discovers Ear Buds

It’s kind of sort of bothering me that I haven’t posted all week. But the other kind of sort of side of me is totally chill with it because other good things have taken up my free time. So for today – I’ll leave you with this. T – my six-year-old going on seven going [...] Read more »

never in a Million years :: a journey I never thought I’d take

I’ve tried to write this post a few times in my head. And I’ve debated even posting it. Do I really want the internets knowing all my business? But then I reminded myself that, you,  my readers are my friends. And that writing is like therapy for me. Some people cry buckets of tears. I [...] Read more »