Comfort & Joy {A Fabulous Christmas Dinner Event}

Because I’m a wee bit crazy and because I looooooove decorating and decorating for parties – I volunteered to help out with the decor for our church’s annual Women’s Christmas Event. The wee bit crazy part is because I kind of, sort of forgot that Christmas is like thebusiesttimeoftheyear. But it’s okay because it all […] Read more »

My {Hypothetical} Thanksgiving Table

I’m not hosting Thanksgiving this year, but because I’m a little bit zany, I thought it would be fun to set a small Thanksgiving table just for kicks! Welcome to my rustic, nature-inspired, elegant Thanksgiving! {Food pickin’s are slim, but we do have mixed nuts and chocolate…} First, I decided on who of my fake […] Read more »

Party Like It’s 1981 {Or 30 Years Later}

Cue the disco ball, ya’ll… I turned 30 on Sunday. {Sarah and I are birthday twins!! So cool!} And, yep, it’s a little strange. {Yep, it’s taken in my visor mirror in the car. No worries, Nolan was driving.} I mean really, really it’s not that big of a deal. But I admit, it’s going […] Read more »

Miss M’s Big O-N-E

{This post is definitely more for me than it is for you! Be forewarned – lots of pictures!} This sweet girl turned one last week, and we’ve drawn her special day out over an entire week, ending with the family party last night. We wanted to save the “big” family celebration until my sister and […] Read more »

Simon Turns One!

So we celebrated my little guy’s big day this weekend! We had a little party with some family and a few friends. It was a great time, and I know Simon felt special… it was all over his face! He loved the attention!  We had to move the party inside due to rain, but we […] Read more »