Operation :: Lauren and Zack Wedding Decor

So…I can hardly believe I’m even stopping to type this because I’ve been CRAZY busy! But. I just HAD to pop in! You’d think I’d be blogging about the end of the year and my goals for the new year. Or some kind of wrap-up something or other, favorites of the year, or…you know, something […] Read more »

Miss M’s Happy 3rd Birthday

I’m FINALLY feeling better. That took awhile. I still have days {like Sunday} where I absolutely crash and sleep, sleep, sleep like a hibernating mama bear. Between my last post and announcement {thanks for the LOVE, you all!!} and now – the kids, my mom, and I took a “little” jaunt up to the Midwest […] Read more »

Throwing an Outdoor Movie Party

Long time, no write. But today I wanted to fill you in on the details for pulling off Mr B’s Outdoor Movie Celebration! Check out the invites here, if you wanna see what I did! I set up the food inside, and Nolan took care of the logistics outside. I let the bakery make the […] Read more »

Movie Ticket Party Invititation Tutorial {And A Free Template Too!}

I’m no graphic designer, but there is something about creating invitations that I enjoy. Maybe because I’m cheap, and I know with a little time on Corel and some creativity I can make an invitation cheaper than I can buy them? Or maybe because I want them to be a little bit special. Or maybe […] Read more »

In Celebration of 5

Remember how I was telling you I have some elephants to eat this summer? Well, I can mark one off my list! Mr. B turned 5 in the middle of June. And 5 is a big birthday in our house! We normally celebrate birthdays with our closest family, cake, and a few balloons. But turning […] Read more »

Comfort & Joy {A Fabulous Christmas Dinner Event}

Because I’m a wee bit crazy and because I looooooove decorating and decorating for parties – I volunteered to help out with the decor for our church’s annual Women’s Christmas Event. The wee bit crazy part is because I kind of, sort of forgot that Christmas is like thebusiesttimeoftheyear. But it’s okay because it all […] Read more »