Sarah Who?

It’s been so long since I’ve posted, I almost feel like I need to introduce myself again!  LOL Well, I certainly haven’t been sitting on my tush (can you tell I have 2 pre-schoolers?)  doing nothing. This guy: is POTTY TRAINED! (Can I get a “HALLELUJAH!”?) This pretty girl:  Can write her letters! In […] Read more »

Guest Giveaway Winner!

So, I am so excited about this giveaway for a couple of reasons… (1) One of you gets to get an awesome stamp for FREE. (2) Jen at the Chatty Press is giving all of us FREE SHIPPING on orders from her Etsy Shop! Just be sure to enter the code DELIGHT12 when you check […] Read more »

Guest Giveaway!!!

Okay… the title is a little confusing, I’ll admit. No.  We are not giving away a guest. A Guest is doing a Giveaway! Woo Hoo! And it couldn’t be more timely! Are you all thinking about your Christmas cards yet?? Well, if so (or even if not), you’re going to love this! Jen at the […] Read more »

What’s Happening Around Here…

So, we’ve been a little busy around here lately… not “normal” busy, but big-stuff-happening-around-here busy! We’re definitely keeping some fun days thrown in the mix… I haven’t shared too many specifics on here… though I did share that we were going to start the adoption process. And that, in fact, we are in the middle […] Read more »

31 Days :: Keep ‘Em Busy

So, if you have children, you know that there are moments that you wish you had something to keep them busy, like… Waiting for your food at a restaurant. Waiting at an appointment. Waiting for an oil change. A long car ride. Unexpected stop. Etc, etc, etc… And though we want to teach our kids […] Read more »