Back to School {With a Delayed be 3 Weeks Post}

School’s back in session, and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. SIDEBAR :: And just to give you an idea of how crazy it’s been around here…I wrote this post three. Count them. THREE weeks ago and never posted it. Even though it was completely written. I’m posting now because…it is my […] Read more »

Saving Money {Online} On Homeschool Curriculum

School’s out! School’s out! And like I imagine most other homeschooling moms out there, I’m already deep into planning and purchasing for next year. {No rest for the homeschool mom!} There’s something crazy, fascinating, overwhelming and wonderful about delving into the many, many options out there. For this coming school year, I knew some basics […] Read more »

School :: At Least We’re Off to a Start

So last week I was all, “School’s back! Time to get into a routine! Yesssssss!” {As an aside – I should mention – the lovely drawing at the bottom is NOT T with his loving and supportive teacher. That is T with his sister. :)} I forgot that with each school year it takes some […] Read more »

Shout Out :: Summer Reading Guide

For many of us school is out! Or almost out. Or at least, for you all-year-round schoolers, maybe it’s slowing down for the summer. I may put away the math book and the phonics book during the summer. But really? We are always learning. And in this house, we are always reading! If the boys […] Read more »