On Training My Brain

I bought myself a tablet. And I love it. But the tablet love is for a different post {maybe}. The point is that I loaded this “Rosetta Stone Fit Brain Trainer” game-ish thing on my tablet. Because I thought to myself, “Self, you could use some brain training. That sounds fun-ish, and it could help […] Read more »

Getting Cultured

On Saturday Leah {my sis} and I went to the ballet. That was her Christmas gift to me. How awesome is that? Here’s what I learned: 1) Don’t park in the close garage. Even though it’s close, the lot a block down the street is less than half the cost. {Which we discovered when we […] Read more »

A Gingerbread House That Almost Wasn’t

Tis the day after Christmas, And I just have to say That our gingerbread house Wasn’t made ’til the Eve of Christmas day. I wanted to forgot it, but the children were insistent, that Christmas wouldn’t be perfect if we went on in life without it. So I mixed the Royal Icing according to directions. […] Read more »

Random Tidbits Because I Can’t Sleep

It’s 2:35 AM, y’all. This is what happens when: (a) I’m so crabby I give myself a “time out” where I proceed to snuggle in bed with my Kindle only to fall asleep at 7:00PM because I just.can’t.keep.my.eyes.open. (b) I’ve got stuff on my mind and I must.get.it.off or I will never be able to […] Read more »

Super Mommy :: Episode 1 :: Battle Against the Evil Villain Bedroom Uncleanness

I’d love to talk more party today, but… I’m still eating my elephants this summer and “blog post with party details and how to’s” didn’t make the cut today. So instead…… I submit to you this (with all humility of course) :: All mother’s who clean their little boy’s room are Super Heroes and deserving […] Read more »