The Qu Family :: LEGO Minifigure-d!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of LEGO. All opinions are 100% mine. I know we've all seen those hilarious singing and dancing Christmas card elf things. I love to do one for my family every year. But have you seen the LEGO Minifigure Family that you can construct?! Too cute! […] Read more »

Holy Week Gratitude: A New Day

If you haven’t noticed from my multiple mentions of it, I’ve have been absolutely soaking up my Pastor’s recent sermons, especially his sermons on Providence. Trust is knowing that God is all-sovereign, all-wise, and all-good {or entirely loving}. These past couple of weeks, Pastor has been developing that idea for us that we should be […] Read more »

On Trend with No nonsense Leggings and Tights {love!}

This post brought to you by No nonsense. All opinions are 100% mine. Even though this is a sponsored post and not one of our 31 Simple Solutions it could definitely qualify as a Simple Solution! A Simple Solution for adding color and trend to your outfits. I like pretty clothes. That’s no secret. But […] Read more »

I <3 AstroBrights

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Astrobrights Papers by Neenah Paper. All opinions are 100% mine. I can't believe that T and I will be beginning our 1st grade year in homeschooling in just a few short days. Wow…the summer has flown! You know the drill – back-to-school {even for […] Read more »

Mid-Week Inspiration: In Pursuit

So. This mid-week inspiration is going to be trotting down the unbeaten path as far as our mid-week inspiration goes. No fancy pictures today. Just some thoughts. Some thoughts that have been turning over and around in my head. And I’m hoping they will encourage you. I’m hoping they will inspire you in your walk. […] Read more »

Mid-Week Inspiration: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Sarah’s already professed her undying love of coffee on this ol’ blog. I love coffee too. But…I’m horrible when it comes to making it. I’ve never perfected my coffee making skillz {I do make a mean iced coffee though thanks to the Pioneer Woman!}, so I get my coffee to go. Hello, Starbucks! I ran […] Read more »

Christmas Card Pile Up

I’ve been without my fancy camera for many days now.  My husband took it with him on a trip and is literally on a plane back to me right now with it! (So that explains the pictures from my last post.) Anyway, I’ve missed having it at hand. (Him too, of course!) All of that […] Read more »

Gift Guide: For the Gym Rat

  Jenna’s Merry Christmas Gift Guide for the Gym Rat Have someone in your love who loves to work out or is into running? I bet you could find something to please them from this gift guide! This guide was compiled with the assistance of my sister who is dedicated to staying in shape by […] Read more »